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Serbian Charity Mini Bazaar opened at Ikebukuro Sunshine City, December 22, 2007

The first ever mini bazaar of Serbian products was opened at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, on December 22, 2007. It was organized by the Japan – Serbia Cultural Exchange Association, the Embassy of Serbia in Japan and the company "Adria International Co. Ltd.". It offers a wide variety of best quality Serbian wines, spirits, home made fruit preserves, traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.

The opening ceremony was attended by around 100 guests from various Japanese institutions and companies, friendship associations, etc.

The proceeds from the Bazaar will be used for financing the construction of a Japanese cultural center and budokan in Belgrade.

The bazaar will be opened until January 20, 2008.

Access map is available on the following links:


Counsellor Mrs. S. Jankovic giving speech at the Opening of the Bazaar
President of the Japan - Serbia Cultural Exchange Association Mr. T. Ushiyama and Mrs. S. Jankovic at the Tape-cutting Ceremony



Part of the Opening Ceremony


Special Edition of Serbian Postage Stamps celebrating 125 years of Serbia – Japan official diplomatic correspondence and relations

On December 23rd, Serbian Post issued commemorative postage stamp and first day envelope as part of celebration of 125 years since the official correspondence between the ruler of the Kingdom of Serbia and the Empire of Japan was exchanged.

During the Berlin Congress, on July 13th in 1878, Serbia became an independent and internationally recognized state, and on March 6th in 1882, was proclaimed Kingdom. Milan I Obrenovic was the first Serbian king after the liberation from the Turks, the first sovereign after the Nemanjic family, and a representative of the dynasty which originated from its own people. He addressed to the Japanese Emperor and great reformer of that time Meiji, informing him about his coronation and the international recognition of Serbia. In the written answer of Emperor Meiji, Japan recognized Serbia as an independent state which led to the formal establishing of relations between two monarchies and beginning of official diplomatic correspondence between two sovereigns.

See also: 125 years of Diplomatic Correspondence celebrated between Japan and Serbia


Motif on the stamp: portraits of King Milan I Obrenovic and Japanese Emperor Meiji; details of their letters in the background



First Day Commemorative envelope


Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia visited Japan, December 11, 2007

Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, headed by the Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Cedomir Radojkovic, Director General for Bilateral Affairs, visited Japan on December 10 and 11, 2007.

Representatives of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held talks with the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, headed by the Director General of the European Affairs Bureau, Mr. Chikahito Harada, on future cooperation between the two Ministries, as well as about the overall bilateral relations between the two countries. They were also received by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Masakatsu Koike.

Delegations of the Foreign Ministries of Serbia and Japan holding talks
Meeting with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. M. Koike


High level officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia met with JICA Vice President Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka, December 10, 2007

High officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Assistant Minister for Bilateral Cooperation ambassador Cedomir Radojkovic and Director of the Directorate for Asia and the Pacific ambassador Stanislav Stakic, met with the Vice President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka at JICA headquarters in Tokyo.

They were accompanied by H.E. Ambassador Ivan Mrkic and Counsellor for Economic Affairs Mr. Nebojsa Tasic.

Serbian officials exchanged views with Vice President Nagatsuka on enhancing cooperation between Serbia and Japan.


125 years of Diplomatic Correspondence celebrated between Japan and Serbia

This year, the Embassy of Republic of Serbia celebrated 125 years of the very beginning of diplomatic correspondence and diplomatic relations between Kingdom of Serbia and Empire of Japan. The copies of the original letters from that time, obtained from the Diplomatic archives of Japan and MOFA, were displayed as an exhibition during the Embassy's reception in the occasion of the visit of Serbian Minister for Energy and Mining dr A. Popovic to Tokyo, on November 30th, 2007 (for more, please click here).

On March 10th, 1882, King Milan I Obrenović wrote a letter to Japanese Emperor Meiji, informing about his coronation as the sovereign of the Kingdom of Serbia. By replying to this letter on September 27th, 1882, Emperor Meiji not only congratulated Serbian king on his coronation, but confirmed the recognition of the newly established Serbian state.

After long period under foreign occupation, Serbia became independent and internationally recognized state on July 13, 1878 during the Congress of Berlin. On March 6, 1882, Serbia became a kingdom. The first time Serbia was pronounced kingdom was in 1217, when Stefan Prvovenčani, from Nemanjić ruling family, was crowned its first sovereign.

For details about Serbian medieval history, please see the following link: http://www.serbianembassy.jp/ENGLISH/Medieval.html .


Serbian representatives in Study Tour Program for Youth Groups in Japan

On invitation of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to join ten-day group study tour of Japan, 15 representatives from Central and South East Europe arrived to Tokyo on December 2. This year two participants from Serbia are joining the program - Mr. Miloš Milovanović, adviser in the Ministry of Agriculture, and Ms. Biljana Stojaković, journalist in Cultural Section of major daily newspaper "Politika".

The openning reception was held in the Tokyo Prince Hotel on December 3rd, with representatives of MOFA and embassies from invited countries.

It is hoped that in the longer term, the applicants deeper understanding of Japan gained in the tour will contribute to strengthening future ties between Japan and European countries.


Serbian participants awarded at the Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest

In the 29th Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest held this year in organization of daily newspaper "Yomiuri Shimbun", among more than 6000 candidates, Serbian participants Mr. Arsen Lalic i Mr. Uros Maksimovic won the Sepcial Overseas Junior Prize.

More information is available on the web site: http://info.yomiuri.co.jp/prize/cartoon/ .



Serbian haiku poets awarded at the International Haiku poetry competition in Hekinan-city

At the annual International competition in haiku poetry (category English language), held in Hekinan-city in Aichi Prefecture, Special award went to Ms. Svetlana Stanković.

Other Serbian participants, awarded as Runners-up, are Mr. Branislav Brzaković, Ms. Jasminka Nadaskić-Đorđević and Ms. Rajna Begović.

All works have been published in special edition “Hekinan Exposition Haiku 2007”, and are posted on the web site of the event organizer:

I spread loundry on balcony
on horizon a ship sails
from one to other clothespin

Svetlana Stankovic





Reception at the Embassy on the occasion of the visit of Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia dr A. Popovic to Tokyo, November 30, 2007

The cocktail reception, hosted by H.E. Ambassador Ivan Mrkic in honour of Minister dr A. Popovic, was attended by the members of Parliament, officials of the Government of Japan, representatives of leading corporations and companies, members of the academic circles, the diplomatic corps and media.

Among prominent guests were Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, president of the Parliamentarian League of Friendship Japan-Serbia, Ms Akiko Yamanaka, member of the Parliamentarian League, Mr Chikahito Harada, Director General, European Affairs Bureau, MOFA, Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka, Vice President of JICA, Mr. Hideo Matsui, Senior Executive Director, JBIC, ambassador Takehiro Togo, president of the Association for Interchange Japan-Serbia, Ms Yasuko Hamada, Vice President of the Association, Mr. Sumitaka Fujita, Vice Chairman of ITOCHU, Mr. Hanazawa Kazuyoshi, President, Sankyo and numerous high officials of various Japanese companies.

Displayed for this occasion were copies of the original letters exchanged between King Milan I Obrenovich of Serbia and Emperor Meiji by which diplomatic relations between Serbia and Japan were established  125 years ago. These historical documents attracted great attention.

Minister dr A. Popovic with Vice President of JICA Mr. S. Nagatsuka
Ambassador I. Mrkic gives a welcome speech
Minister dr A. Popovic and Ms. A. Yamanaka, Member of Parliament

Minister dr A. Popovic and Ambassador I. Mrkic discussing with Ms. A. Yamanaka and Mr. I Aisawa, President of the Parliamentary League of Friendship Japan - Serbia
Minister dr A. Popovic, Ambassador T. Togo and Croatian Ambassador D. Stambuk

Invitees at the Reception pay heed to the correspondence between Serbian King Milan Obrenovic and Japanese Emperor Meiji dated 1882
Invitees at the Reception


Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy dr Aleksandar Popovic visits Japan, November 29 - December 1, 2007

Minister Popovic met with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Masakatsu Koike and had comprehensive talks on enhancing bilateral cooperation in the sectors of mining and energy and in environmental protection with Senior Vice Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry Mr. Masashi Nakano, Vice President of JICA Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka, Governor of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Mr. Koji Tanami, President of the Parliamentary league Japan - Serbia Mr. Ichiro Aisawa and the high officials of some Japanese companies.

H.E. Ambassador I. Mrkic, Minister dr A. Popovic and JBIC Governor Mr. Koji Tanami
H.E. Ambassador I. Mrkic, Minister dr A. Popovic and JICA Vice President Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka
Minister dr A. Popovic and METI Senior Vice Minister Mr. Masashi Nakano


Meeting between Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining, Dr. Aleksandar Popovic, and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Masakatsu Koike

During his two day visit to Japan, Minister of Energy and Mining of the Republic of Serbia, Dr. Aleksandar Popovic, met with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Masakatsu Koike, on November 29, 2007.

Minister Popovic and Vice Minister Koike exchanged views on the possibilities for further enhancement of cooperation between Serbia and Japan in various fields.

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Minister Popovic expressed his gratitude to the people and the Government of Japan for their generous economic assistance to the people of Serbia.

He conveyed the letter of Prime Minister of Serbia Dr. Vojislav Kostunica addressed to the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda.

Vice Minister M. Koike and Minister dr A. Popovic during talks

JICA Seminar on Investment Promotion in Serbia (Tokyo, November 27, 2007)

In collaboration with the Embassy of Serbia in Tokyo, JICA and "Mitsui Mineral Development Engineering Co., Ltd." (MINDECO) organized a seminar at JBIC headquarters in Tokyo on investment promotion in Serbia, which was attended by around 100 representatives of Japanese companies. Its main topic was promotion of investments in the mining sector and related industries in Serbia. Similar seminars, also funded by JICA, will be held next year in London and Toronto.

Vice President of JICA Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka was the keynote speaker. H.E. Ambassador Ivan Mrkic and Assistant Minister for Mining and Energy Mr. Dejan Rajkovic also were among the speakers. From the Japanese side, presentations on very attractive business and investment climate in Serbia were given by Mr. Yuji Nishikawa, General Manager of MINDECO and Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto, Vice President, Tobacco Business Planning, Japan Tobacco International. JTI made a successful investment in the production of top brand cigarettes in Serbia.

Japanese participants
MINDECO Managing Director Mr. Yuji Nishikawa

Serbian participants with Ambassador I. Mrkic and Embassy staff
Keynote speaker Vice President of JICA Mr. Seiichi Nagatsuka


Serbian delegation participates in the "Second Japan - Wider Black Sea Area Dialogue" in Tokyo, November 21, 2007

Members of the Serbian delegation, H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Japan Mr. Ivan Mrkic and Economic Counsellor Mr. Nebojsa Tasic, participated in this international forum, which was organized by The Global Forum of Japan, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Its main theme was "Japan and the Wider Black Sea Area in the Rapidly Changing World".

Ambassador I. Mrkic was one of the panelists at this conference.

Other panelists were high officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, representatives of nine member countries of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), its Secretary General Leonidas Chrysanthopulos and representatives of the EU and various Japanese universities and institutions.

Serbia was chairing BSEC from November 1, 2006 to April 30, 2007.

H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic at the Conference


High School Students from Higashi Osaka visit Honorary Consulate General

On November 21, the Honorary Consulate General had a pleasure to welcome a group of students from "Tatetsu Higashi High School" from Kansai region.

After a presentation on Serbian history by Honorary Consul General, Mr. Naohide Ueyama, he and the Head of the Serbian Embassy's Culture and Press Section, Aleksandra Kovač, had the opportunity to engage in lively discussion with students about various topics regarding Serbian lifestyle, education, sport and culture.


Serbian National Employment Service representatives attend WAPES annual meeting in Tokyo (November 13-16, 2007)

Representatives of the National Employment Service of the Republic of Serbia Mrs. Tamara Samardzic (Director) and Mrs. Vesna-Raca Radisavljevic (Deputy Director) participated in the workshop, study visit and Managing Board Meeting "WAPES in Japan 2007" (Tokyo, November 13-16, 2007), organized by the World Association of Public Employment Services.

This event was hosted by the Employment Security Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

The Managing Board unanimously elected the Serbian National Employment Service as WAPES Regional Center for South-Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


Lecture on Serbian Naive Art in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Mr. Pavel Babka, director of International Ethno Center Babka in Kovačica village in Serbia, held a lecture on "Rise and Perspectives of Serbian Naive Art" at the lecture hall in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. He introduced some current issues facing naive art in Serbia, like globalization, human treasure inscription, non-material culture preservation etc.

One of the guests from Serbia, award-winning artist Mr. Jan Glozik, whose artworks are the part of this exhibition, also talked about his extensive lifework and experience.

The audience, consisting of the representatives of Museum, Association for Interchange Japan-Serbia, Modern Naive Art Of Japan Association and Museum visitors, was welcomed by Embassy representative, Ms. Aleksandra Kovač.

Audience at the Lecture by Mr. Pavel Babka
Mr. Glozik explains his work

Mr. Glozik signs his autograph
Mr. Pavel Babka gives a lecture


Women Volleyball Team from Serbia wins against Japan

In very exciting and to some "an epic" match, held on Sunday November 4th, within "2007 FIVB World Cup Volleyball for Men and Women" (November 2 - 16), Serbian team won against Japan with 3:1.

Both teams played their best, with each team member displaying their talents.

This is how the coach of Serbian team, Mr. Zoran Terzić described his impressions:

"This game was almost the same as the one a year ago in the World Championship. We played very well in the first two sets but after the break the Japan team started to play excellently. Maybe they had some very good drink in the 10 minutes, I don't know! We have a very young team and we are playing this tournament without three or four very important players. We are playing with some new and young players and it is normal from time to time not to play very well, because some had to play in front of 10,000 people for the first time in your life. It is not so easy. The young players played very well at the end of the game, especially Nešović and Veljković.“

The further information are available on official web site 2007 FIVB World Cup Volleybal lhttp://www.vbworldcup.jp/2007/en/ .


Embassy Reception held on the occasion of the openning of Serbian Naive Art Exhibition in Tokyo

On November 2nd, the Embassy held a reception to mark the opening of Serbian Naive Art Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (until November 12, 2007).

After delivering the message of Serbian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vuk Jeremić, supporting this cultural event, T.Togo, president of Friendship Association, Ambassador I. Mrkić and Mr. Nishikawa, President of Japan Modern Naive Art, made speeches on this exceptional occasion, presenting unique artworks from Serbia.

Distinguished representatives of public and cultural elite, and representative of diplomatic corps could be seen among numerous guests at the reception, enjoying Serbian food and famous fruit liquor - rakija.

With almost 70 artworks from the Art Gallery Babka from Kovačica village, not so far from Serbian capital Belgrade, this event is the first to be organized in Japan. The next ones are planned to be in Oita and Hiroshima prefectures and Tama city during 2008.

The exhibition, aiming to further strenghten cultural relations with Japan, was organized by Association for Inter-change Japan-Serbia, Modern Naive Art of Japan, International Ethno Center Babka Kovačica, and with the support of Government of Serbia, Ministry of Culture, MFA of Serbia and the Embassy in Tokyo It is to be underlined that without personal effort and enthusiasm of Ms. Akiko Igaya and Ms. Yasuko Hamada this event would not have been possible.

Speech by H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic
Ms. Hamada is introducing the artists


Speech by Mr. Nishikawa, Japan Modern Art Association
Mrs. and Mr. Asaka


Ms. A. Kovac with Ms. C. Bergstrand from US Embassy (left) and Ms. Diana Tihan from Romanian Embassy
H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic with dr Chiharu Igaya, Vice-president of International Olympics Comittee and Mr. Tomio Hama from Harmo Museum


Ambassador of Slovakia, H.E. Mr. P. Vrsansky is displaying his musical talent on national instrument "fuyara"
Bosnian Ambassador H.E. Mr. B. Marojevic with Mrs. I. Mrkic


Serbian Naive Art Exhibition opens in Tokyo

After more than 20 years, Serbian naive art paintings are coming to Tokyo, within 33rd Japan Naive Art Society Exhibition in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, from November 2 – 12, 2007.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the paintings from the collection of "International Ethno Center Babka Kovacica" from Kovacica village (http://www.babka-center.com) and other parts of Serbia.

The entrance fee for adults is 700 yen.

Additional information about the exhibition are available on the Museum's web site (http://www.tobikan.jp/) and of http://www.gendoh.jp/topics/index.html).

Ms. A. Kovac, Mr. Jan Glozik, naive painter, Ambassador of Serbia H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Ms. A. Igaya and Mr. Pavel Babka
Guests from Kovačica during their visit to the Embassy



Serbian culture and food at the Open Day event in Kyoto

During an annual event organized by Kyoto City under the name "Kyoto International Community House Open Day" (KICH) on November 3rd, friendship society Serbia-Japan "St. Nikolay of Japan" will be presenting Serbian food and culture and is inviting all interested to join them in tasting of famous dishes and learning more about our country.

All information about the event, can be obtained via email to Mr. Dragoslav Tatalovic, the president of the friendship society, svnikolaj_japanski@yahoo.com or on the official web site of KICH http://www.kcif.or.jp/en/zigyo/open_day/07/top-en.html.


Serbian women volleyball team at 2007 World Cup in Japan

Serbian women volleyball team will participate in “2007 FIVB World Cup Volleyball for Men and Women” (November 2 – 16). During 2006 FIVB Volleyball World Championship in Japan, the Serbian team scored the third place (http://www.2006vball.jp/en/top.html).

Serbia vs. Japan game is scheduled for November 4th, starting at 6:00 p.m. local time.

For further information and detailed schedule, please visit FIVB’s official web site: http://www.vbworldcup.jp/2007/en/




Serbian Naive Artist Jan Glozik celebrates birthday in Tokyo

On October 29th, Mr. Jan Glozik, one of four representatives of Kovačica village in Serbia, celebrated his 50th birthday in the Tokyo restaurant „Darie“ in a warm and home-like atmosphere, with Japanese friends and partners, and Embassy's staff.

This event was arranged by Ms. Akiko Igaya and Ms. Yasuko Hamada, members of Association for Interchange Japan-Serbia, who are also main organizers of Serbian Naive Art Exhibition in Japan.

For further information on the exhibition, please see following link.

Mr. Glozik with representatives of Modern Naïve Art of Japan, Mr. Komatsu and Mr. Itoi
Violin performance by Mr. Hasegawa’s daughter – a surprise present for Mr. Glozik!


Lecture about Serbia held at the Gunma Prefectural Women's University

Upon the invitation of the Gunma Prefectural Women's University, Counselor of the Embassy of Serbia in Japan Mrs. Snezana Jankovic gave lecture about Serbia to the students of the University and citizens of the Takasaki City.

Along with the presentation of natural and tourist attractions of Serbia, Mrs. Jankovic presented the primary goals of Serbian foreign policy, results of the ongoing economic reforms, as well as Serbian activities and initiatives in the international arena.

She also pointed out that bilateral relations between Serbia and Japan have a long history of friendship and expressed her hope that exchange of students and cooperation between the universities of the two countries will contribute to their further enhancement.


Presentation on working women in Serbia and Japan held in Fuchu City

On October 26, Deputy for Cultural Affairs Ms. Aleksandra Kovač was invited, along with two other colleagues from Poland and China, to address the auditorium of the Silver Jinzai Center in Fuchu City.

Ms. Kovač spoke about working women in Serbia and Japan, and governments’ efforts to introduce new strategies in order to increase the number of women in governmental bodies and decision making process.

After their presentations, guests have answered questions and were given memorable hand-made presents by representatives of the Center. The event was also supported by Foreign Embassies Friendship Association.

Ms. A. Kovac and Mr. Radek Tyszkiewicz from Embassy of Poland
Speech by Ms. Kovac
Ms. Kovac with the representatives of Polish and Chinese Embassy, Mr. R. Tyszkiewicz and Ms. Dong Shu Hui


Serbian official participates in the Open Workshop for Promoting Carbon Business Potentials through Clean Development Mechanisms and Joint Implementation in South East European Countries and CIS at the JICA Institute for International Cooperation

On October 24, Ms. Danijela Bozanic, Counsellor, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, took part in the "Open Workshop", organized by the japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC).

The other participants were from FYR Macedonia, Moldova, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine.

The Open Workshop, which was attended by the representatives of Japanese government institutions and companies, was a part of the JFY Group Training for Kyoto Mechanism Host Countries in SEE and CIS in Tsukuba, Japan (October 15 - 27). This Training Course was held for the first time this fiscal year and will be held on a regular basis every year.

Ms. Danijela Bozanic during Workshop


Serbian participant on Japanese Language Program for diplomats by Japan Foundation

Ms. Jelena Djokovic, attache in the MFA of the Republic of Serbia, will be partipating in the Japanese language program for foreign diplomats and public officials 2007/2008, organized by Japan Foundation and MFA of Japan in the Kansai Japanese Language Institute.

This is the third participant from Serbia to be invited to join this program, aiming to enhance Japanese language abilities of foreign service officials in transitional and developing countries.

Ms. J. Djokovic, Serbian representative on Japanese Language Program


New World Heritage site in Serbia registered by UNESCO

On June 29, UNESCO World Heritage Committee inscribed 22 new sites on its World Heritage List, among which is historical place Romuliana in Gamzigrad, near Zaječar city in east Serbia (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1253).

The Late Roman fortified palace compound and memorial complex of Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius, in the east of Serbia, was commissioned by Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus, in the late 3rd and early 4th century. It was known as Felix Romuliana, named after the Emperor's mother.
The photos of the complex are also available on the following web site http://www.gamzigrad.com/common/gallery .

Apart from Gamzigrad, there are more sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List: Stari Ras and Sopoćani Monastery (1979), Studenica Monastery (1986) and medieval monuments on Kosovo and Metohija, southern province of Serbia (2004/2006).


Serbian Minister of Science dr Ana Pesikan Participated in the Science and Technology Forum, October 7-9, 2007 

Dr. Ana Pesikan, Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia, participated in the annual Science and Technology in Society Forum, held on 7-9 October, 2007 in Kyoto.

Dr. Pesikan took part in the Ministers' Round Table, hosted by the State Minister for Science and Technology Policy of Japan, Mr. Fumio Kishida, where she presented the policy of Serbia in Science and Technology, as well as the ongoing cooperation with foreign countries, especially within the programs of the European Union.

During the Forum, Dr. Pesikan held numerous talks with the dignitaries from Japan, among them with the Chairman of the Forum, Mr. Koji Omi, the director of the Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center, Mr. Shuichi Fukuda, and many others. She also exchanged views with the State Minister for Science and Technology Policy, Mr. Fumio Kishida, on the possibilities for further improvement of scientific cooperation between Serbia and Japan.

Prof. dr Ratko Jankov, Assistan Minister of Science, Dr. Ana Pesikan, Minister of Science of the Republic of Serbia, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, ambassador and Counsellor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic


Culture Class about Serbia

On October 5, Ms. Aleksandra Kovac, head of Cultural Affairs Section, held an introductory lecture about Serbian history, culture, life style and food at the premises of International Friendship Center (IFC).

The members of IFC had the opportunity to learn more about our famous hospitability and vivid background of Serbian nation. Attendants were also encouraged to engage in lively discussion, accompanied with some video presentation from Tourism Organization of Serbia.

Discussion after the lecture


Serbian Fiscal Society becomes member of the International Fiscal Association

At the 61st Congress of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) held in Kyoto (September 30 - October 4, 2007), the Serbian Fiscal Society was voted into membership of this international organization as its 53rd national branch and the first from South-East Europe.

The Serbian Fiscal Society was represented by Mr. Svetislav Kostic, member of its Governing Board and lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Belgrade.




Okinawa Karate-do Association representatives visit the Embassy on September 24, 2007

A group of representatives of Okinawa Karate-do Association, led by Prof. Shigeru Takamiyagi from International Okinawa University, met with H.E. Mr. Mrkic and third secretary Kovac in the Embassy to greet us before their trip to Serbia.

They had been invited to join the programme of "Days of cultural exhange between Japan and Serbia" in Belgrade (September 28 – October 6, 2007), organized by the Embassy of Japan in Belgrade, Ilija Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade University, Novi Sad University and branch of Okinawa Karate-do Association from Belgrade.

 They will take part in the presentation of karate martial art and Japanese traditional dance and prof. Takamiyagi will also give several lectures on Japanese martial arts and culture.

Prof. Takamiyagi, author of Comparative Study between martial art culture in Serbia and Okinawa, expressed his wish that this visit will contribute to further deepening of bilateral relations and to enhancing exhange in the area of karate sport.



Serbian Police representative on "Seminar on Control of Drug Offences"

Mr. Dalibor Živković, from Drugs Smuggling Suppression Department of Criminal Investigations Directorate, Ministry of Interion of the Republic of Serbia, took participation in this year's "Seminar on Control of Drug Offences in Tokyo" (September 17 – October 5, 2007), organized by National Police Agency and the Japan Interantional Cooperation Agency (JICA).

This is the third participant from Serbia (previously in 2004. and 2005.) taking a part in the event, held annually since 1962. in order to enhance a partnership among the countries fighting against illicit drug trafficking.

The reception, marking the opening of the course, was held in the Grand Arc Hanzomon Hotel in Tokyo on September 21, with the presence of the Embassy’s representative.


Lecture on Kosovo and Metohija held in Tokyo

Organized by the network on non-governmental organizations interested in the situation in the Balkans and dealing with the humanitarian affairs in Serbia, a lecture on Kosovo and Metohija was held at the Meiji University in Tokyo on September 22, 2007.

Prof. Masayuki Iwata of Tokyo International University, presented his analysis of historical facts that led to the break-up of former Yugoslavia, as well as to the escalation of the so called “Kosovo problem”.

While displaying the material on cultural heritage and Serbian spiritual monuments in Kosovo and Metohija, Prof. Iwata gave his views on the roots of the problem and its consequences on other regions and countries in the world in case of imposed solution or secession of the Province from the Republic of Serbia, as a sovereign country.

Prof. Masayuki Iwata gives a lecture


Serbian motocyclysts visit Embassy during their World trip

Two Serbian motocyclists, Dane Medic and Vladan Komatovic, arrived in Japan after their trip across Europe and Asia and visited our Embassy with their Japanese companion, Ryutaro Arima.

It was a great opportunity to hear more about their experiences during this long and unpredictable journey, and to realize how valuable it can be for better understanding between Serbian and Japanese nation.

Mr. Vladan Komatovic, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mr. Dane Medic and Mr. Ryutaro Arima


Japanese businessmen to pay tribute to Nikola Tesla

Osamu Hirashita, Consultat at Japan Planning Systems and Makoto Watanabe, Executive Director of Tokyu Agency Inc., visited the Embassy to announce their idea of building a statue of Nikola Tesla, great scientist and inventor of Serbian origin.

Considering the contribution Tesla made to the world today by his inventions relating to electricity, Japanese guests expressed their intention of erecting monument devoted to Tesla in Otsuka city, Yamanashi prefecture, which is a place of the first electric power plant in Japan. They hope that this project will enable Japanese public to know more about Tesla's work and genious, and that it will strenghten relations between two countries even more.

Mr. Hirashita, a renowed businessman, is also organizer of recent lectures regarding economic and investment topics held in Belgrade, with the support of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy of Japan in Serbia.

For more information about Tesla, please see here.

Third Secretary Ms. A. Kovac, Mr. O. Hirashita, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mr. M. Watanabe, Counsellor Mrs. S. Jankovic


Japanese ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Mr. Tadashi Nagai, gave lecture in the Serbian embassy

H. E. Mr. Tadashi Nagai, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Serbia, gave lecture in the Serbian Embassy in Tokyo on September 19, 2007. The lecture was organized by the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association.

Ambassador Nagai, who spent fifteen years in Serbia as a diplomat, presented to the members of the Association comprehensive information about the political situation in Serbia, his views on the process of negotiations on the status of Serbian Province of Kosovo, as well as about Serbian economic potentials and its bilateral relations with Japan.

In view of Ambassador Nagai, one of the most renowned experts on Serbia in Japan, who speaks Serbian fluently, the bilateral relations of our two countries have been traditionally good and friendly. He emphasized the potentials of the overall cooperation, centering on tourism, investment promotion and trade, expressing the importance of further growing of the relations between Japan and Serbia, as the key country in the Western Balkan region.

President of the Parliamentary League of Friendship between Japan and Serbia, a member of the House of Representatives of the National Diet of Japan, Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, attended the gathering and delivered a speech.

The audience was greeted by the President of the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association Ambassador Takehiro Togo, as well as by Ambassador of Serbia to Japan, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic. Among the participants was Mr. Osamu Hirashita, President of the consulting firm JPS, who initiated the project of building the statue of the famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla in the Yamanashi Prefecture, as well as the group of the Japanese businessmen led by Mr. Hirashita to Serbia this summer.

After Ambassador Nagai's lecture, the guests were served with the traditional Serbian food and drinks.

H.E. Mr. T. Nagai giving lecture
H.E. Mr. T. Togo, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Hon. I. Aisawa


H.E. Mr. T. Nagai, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mr. K. Yoneda
Members of the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association during lecture


Concert by Serbian musician held in Embassy

To mark the release of a new album of Serbian musician Milivoje Petrovic, also know as Miško Plavi, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tokyo held a promotion coctail party and mini concert with performance by Miško Plavi himself on September 18, 2007.

It was a good opportunity for his admirers, representatives of diplomatic community, music industry and media, as well as other music lovers, to enjoy his live repertoire with the influence of Serbian traditional sounds.

Milivoje Petrovic is an artist with a long career, marked with successes, not only in his native Serbia, but also around the world. He cooperated with music production companies such as Cosmic sounds from London, Virgin from France and with famous French filmmaker Jean Marc Barr. Since 2000, he regularly performs and tours around Japan as an accordion player, either solo or accompanied by his internationally mixed band.

For more information about the artist, please visit http://www.jabup.com or www.miskoplavi.com.

Miško Plavi during concert


Serbia participates at the JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair (September 13 - 16, 2007)

For the second consecutive year Serbia took part in the JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair at Tokyo Big Sight.

Representatives of the Tourism Organization of Serbia (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia) Mr. Predrag Rolovic and of the Tourism Organization of Belgrade Ms. Ivana Milatovic and Mr. Sasa Stevanovic concluded additional arrangements with Japanese agencies for tours to Serbia in 2008, which will substantially increase the number of Japanese tourists visiting our country.

Mr. P. Rolovic, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Ms. I. Milatovic, Mr. S. Stevanovic
Mr. P. Rolovic, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mr. S. Stevanovic, Ms. I. Milatovic and Mr. N. Tasic


Vice Chairman of ITOCHU Corporation Sumitaka Fujita received by the President of Serbia Boris Tadic

During his visit to Belgrade, Vice Chairman of ITOCHU Corporation Sumitaka Fujita called on President Boris Tadic on September 10, 2007.

During the talks, which were held in an affable atmosphere, president Tadic expressed Serbia's strong interest for obtaining a favourable STEP (Special Terms for Economic Partnership) loan from the Japanese Government for the construction of a new bridge over the Danube River in Belgrade.

Both sides see promising prospects for expanding the exports of Serbian food and agricultural products to Japan and in promoting mutual cooperation in auto parts manufacturing and chemical industries.

Vice Chairman Fujita informed president Tadic that his corporation sees Serbia as the most promising country in the region for the future activities of ITOCHU, which will very soon open its Belgrade Office. President Tadic promised his full support and assistance for the future commitments of ITOCHU in Serbia.

Talks between President Boris Tadic and Vice Chairman of Itochu Corporation Sumitaka Fujita
Vice Chairman S. Fujita, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mr. H. Hashimoto and Mr. N. Tasic


Representatives of the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) were participants in the JICA/UNIDO Practical seminar on investment promotion for the countries of South Eastern Europe (September 9 - 22, 2007)

SIEPA officials Mr. Bojan Jankovic and Mrs. Tatjana Radovanov attended the first JICA/UNIDO Practical Seminar on Investment Promotion in SEE. This year Serbia and Ukraine were invited to send their representatives.

The Practical Seminar is a part of the JICA technical cooperation programs. It is very special since its main goal is interviews, bilateral and round table meetings with the representatives of targeted Japanese companies and visits to different industrial plants. The expertise of our participants will further enhance economic relations between Serbia and Japan and attract investments from the Japanese private sector.

Ms. T. Radovanov and Mr B.Jankovic visit to Mitsubishi Corporation
Meeting at Mitsui Headquarters


Delegation of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, visits Tokyo

Delegation of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, headed by the Dean Prof. Dr Vladimir Mako, participated in the International Symposium “Eco Urbanity” in Tokyo. The Symposium was held at the University of Tokyo on September 7 and 8, 2007, and it was organized by Prof. Dr Darko Radovic, guest professor of this university. Many renowned architects from Japan and the world, like Kengo Kuma, Yuichiro Kodama, Hidenobu Jinnai (Japan), Oriol Clos (Spain), Mike Jenks (UK), Arvind Krishan (India), David Sim (Denmark) and others, took part in this important event.

In numerous contacts with the colleagues and renowned architects from Japan, Prof. Mako, accompanied by Assistant Professor Zoran Djukanovic, stressed the interest of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade to intensify cooperation with the Japanese universities through joint projects and initiatives.

Professors Mako and Djukanovic presented to the participants of the Symposium the newly published book “Urbophilia”, as well as materials related to the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

Asst Prof. Zoran Djukanovic, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Prof. Dr Darko Radovic
Asst. Prof. Zoran Djukanovic, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Dean Prof. Dr Vladimir Mako




Serbian film won an award in film festival in Japan

Serbian environmental movie “My friend, the Goldfinch”, by Dusan Cekic and Oliver Fojkar, won an award at 8. International Japan Wildlife film Festival in Toyama City, in a category of “the best educational film for children” among 35 selected movies. All awarded films will be shown by the end of this year in the Natural History Museum in Tokyo.

This was the only representative from South East Europe, chosen among 300 applicants from more then 40 countries in the world.

Mr. Fojkar, who received the award, invited his Japanese colleagues to join the International Touristic, Ecological and Sport Film Festival (MEFEST) in Serbia.

Mr. Lalovic and Mr. Fojkar with the Embassy staff during the Reception on August 20
Mr. Fojkar, winner of educational award, delivers the speech at the Embassy Reception on August 20
Colorful displays of Mr. Lalovic’s films and materials of the Institute for nature conservation of Serbia at the Embassy’s Reception at the Embassy Reception on August 20


Lecture on Serbia for the students of Nihon University held on August 3, 2007

The group of students of Nihon University visited the Embassy in order to have lecture on Serbia. Counselor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic informed the students about the overall situation in Serbia, its main political and economic goals, as well as about its interest to develop relation with Japan in the political, economic, cultural and all other fields.



JULY 2007


Lecture on Serbia held in the Embassy on July 27, 2007

Lecture on Serbia was held for the group of Japanese citizens who had previously been attending the course on former Yugoslavia within the Mainichi Culture City, affiliated with the Mainichi newspapers. Counselor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic gave lecture about present political situation in the country, negotiations on the future status of the Kosovo province, as well as economic reforms and bilateral relations with Japan.


Serbian movie in Refugee Film Festival in Tokyo

On July 24, awarded film “Pretty Diana” by Serbian filmmaker, Boris Mitić, will be shown at 2nd edition of Refugee Film Festival in Tokyo (July 18 - 26). This event is organized by UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency in Japan. The screening will be held at 4 pm at the Embassy of Sweden, it is free and no prior reservation of seats is required.

After the screening of the movie, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Serbian Embassy Mrs. Snezana Jankovic, will have a brief presentation on the situation of refugees in Serbia.

She will present the facts pointing out that Serbia still remains the country which shelters the biggest number of refugees and internally displaced persons in Europe. There are more than 100.000 refugees and 209.000 IDPs from Kosovo and Metohija, while almost 200.000 refugees from Bosnia and Croatia permanently stayed in Serbia, taking Serbian citizenship.

Serbia is doing its utmost to help the integration of refugees and IDPs in the society, as well as to enable their return to their homes. However, that process is going on very slowly and, in addition to our own efforts, requires continuing international support and engagement.

The complete list of 30 film screenings with the schedule of the Refugee Film Festival is on-line in English and Japanese at www.refugeefilm.org.

1         1


Exhibition of Serbian artists in the Echizen City Hall

On July 25, the exhibition of works from the collection of Iwano Atelier will be opened within “Contemporary Art in East Europe Exhibition” in the Echizen City Hall, Fukui Prefecture. The organizer of this event is Tannan Art Festival.

To read about the previous display of this artworks, please reffer to the event schedule for April 2007.


Misko Plavi – Japan Tour 2007

Talented accordion player, Miško Plavi, will be touring in Japan till beginning of September, promoting his new CD.

For almost 7 years, Miško Plavi has been coming to Japan to perfom his music influenced by native Serbia and Balkan region, having more than 100 solo concerts.

For detailed programme of his concerts, please click here.

For more detailed information about this musician and his perfomances, please visit www.miskoplavi.com and http://www.jabup.com/html/artist/2007/misko.html.

1            1


Serbian Filmmakers at the „Japan Wildlife Film Festival“

Awarded Serbian film director, environmentalist and ecologist Mr. Petar Lalović will be taking a role as a member of jury in the “Japan Wildlife Film Festival” to be held in Toyama city, from August 23, 2007.

He has created more that 200 documentaries mostly on themes of nature and ecology, with some wining reputable international awards in film festivals around the world. Thus, his presence in this year’s festival will be a great opportunity to share his remarkable experience and knowledge with filmmakers and public in Japan, as well as with other participants from around the world, and to contribute to raising awareness about environmental issues in which Japan also nurtures permanent and profound interest.

His four short movies will be screened in Tokyo on July 20. (For details click here)


Also, another awarded Serbian fimmaker, Mr. Oliver Fojkar, will be presented as a finalist in this festival with his movie “My friend the goldfinch”.

For more information please visit www.naturechannel.jp



Serbian Artist in Residence in Seto

Velimir Vukićević, renowed ceramic artist and professor of Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, is participating in Seto International Ceramic & Glass Art Exchange Program 2007 - 2008, organized by Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation. As an artist in residence in Seto, Vukićević will have a slide lecture on July 17 and open studio on August 18. The visitors are most welcome to see the work of this Serbian artist.

For details, please reffer to www.city.seto.aichi.jp/setomono/air/

1            1


Jazz legend Gojkovic performs in Tokyo again

Our famous jazz trumpet musician, Duško Gojković, is performing again in Tokyo. This internationally recognized artist has been coming to Japan for more than 10 years. There is also a Japanese fan club dedicated to this great musician.

For more information about his performances, please visit http://www.pit-inn.com/index_e.html .



JUNE 2007


H.E. Ambassador Ivan Mrkic visits "Yonden Shikoku Electric Power Co., Ltd."

At the invitation of the management of "Yonden Shikoku Electric Power Co., Ltd.", H.E. Ambassador Ivan Mrkic visited the company headquarters in Takamatsu on Shikoku island on June 18-19.

The hosts conveyed "Yonden's" interest to take part in various projects in the energy sector of Serbia, either through joint investments or as contractors for the projects financed through foreign loans, which would ensure stable electric energy supply and protection of the environment.

This especially applies to the planned construction of thermal electric power plants, mini hydro-electric power plants and wind farms. Since most electricity generating plants in Serbia are coal fired, clean development mechanism projects for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will also be implemented by the Serbian Government.

"Yonden" is planning to discuss prospective projects with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS).


Ambassador visits Kansai region

As part of annual consultations on consular issues, Ambassador Mrkić and Deputy for Consular Affairs Ms. Kovač paid a visit to Honorary Consul General, Mr. Naohide Ueyama, in the premises situated in “Dainihon Jochugiku” Company (better known as Kincho) in Osaka.

They also had the opportunity to visit the oldest factory of “Kincho” Company in Arida (Wakayama Prefecture), the birth place of Mr. Ueyama’s ancestor, Eiichiro Ueyama, the first Honorary Consul of Kingdom of Yugoslavia (more details, please click here).

In Kyoto, Ambassador Mrkić presented the “Embassy’s Aknowledgements” to Prof. Dr Shin-ichi Kanemaru, from Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, for his expertise and succesful treatment of Serbian patient. 

Ambassador Mrkic and Ms Kovac with Ueyama family at Honorary Consulate General
Ambassador Mrkic in Kincho factory in Wakayama Prefecture
Ambassador Mrkic and Prof Dr Shin-ichi Kanemaru


Visit by Tokai Shiritsu Yokosuka High School students

On June 18, during their visit to our Embassy, “Tokai Shiritsu Yokosuka Junior High School” students and theacher Mr. Kojima, had the opportunity to hear more about our country and enjoy video footage of Serbian beauties.



Visit by Aihara Junior High School students

On June 8, “Aihara Junior High School“ students from Kanagawa Prefecture visited our Embassy and met with Ambassador I. Mrkić and Ms. A. Kovač, who informed them more about Serbian traditions, architecture and national sports.



The rector of the Belgrade University prof. dr Branko Kovacevic visits ITO Foundation

On June 3, Rector Kovacevic paid a call on Madame Shinrei Ito, Chief Executive Adviser, the trustees and officials of the ITO Foundation. He was accompanied by the Counsellor of the Embassy Mr. Nebojsa Tasic.

This visit was an opportunity to continue talks on furthering mutual cooperation, which were started in December 2006 when a delegation of the ITO Foundation visited the Belgrade University.

Rector Kovacevic, who was given an exceptionally warm welcome, thanked Madame Shinrei Ito on the scholarships and on the donation of a powerful computer to the Belgrade University for research purposes.

Since 2005 seven scholarships were provided by ITO Foundation for studies in Japan. Madame Ito expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved by Serbian students during their studies at Japanese universities, saying that Serbia has a great potential in a highly educated and very talented young generation. She also said that it was a pleasure to cooperate with the Belgrade University which has a long tradition as the largest and oldest university in South East Europe and the Western Balkans.

Rector Kovacevic invited Madame Ito and her associates to attend the official celebration of  the 170-th anniversary of the Belgrade University in July 2008.

Madame Shinrei Ito and Rector of the Belgrade University Prof. dr Branko Kovacevic during the visit


MAY 2007


International Conference IPSI 2007 opened in Tokyo on May 31, 2007

International Conference on Advances in the Internet, Processing, Systems and Interdisciplinary Research – IPSI 2007, jointly organized by the Serbian and Japanese scientists, was opened on May 31 in Tokyo. In the three-day conference, held for the first time in Asia, scientific elite from all over the world took place. Among the participants were Prof. Martin Perl, Nobel Laureate from the Stanford University, Prof. Linda Naimi from the Perdue University, ex Vice President for Information Technologies from Harvard, Prof. Hironori Fujii from the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Prof. Hirosato Nomura from the Kyushu Institute of Technology, Prof. Hirotoshi Kubota from the Teikyo University and many others.

On behalf of the organizers, Prof. Fujii addressed the gathering. Rector of the Belgrade University, Prof. Dr. Branko Kovačević, Serbian Ambassador to Japan Mr. Ivan Mrkić, Prof. Perl and other guests also gave speeches, praising the initiative of the Serbian scientists and scientific quality of the IPSI Conference.

Rector Kovacevic said that the University of Belgrade would soon be celebrating 170 years of its existance and that it would continue to cooperate closely with the major scientific centers in Japan and the world.

Ambassador Mrkic reminded of some of the greatest names of the Serbian science, like Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Milutin Milankovic and others. He said that, judging by its scientific potential and the pace of its development, Serbia could soon become one of the important information technology centers in the Central and Eastern Europe.

The International IPSI conference is an example of successful cooperation between Serbian and Japanese scientists, as well as yet another proof of the contribution of the Serbian science to the world scientific trends.

Prof. H. Fujii, Mr. and Mrs. V. Milutinovic, Ms. Yoshida, Mr. V. Dorfler, Prof. T. Saiki, Rector Prof. dr B. Kovacevic, Mrs. I. Mrkic, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mrs. I. Kovacevic, Ms. A. Kovac, Prof. Martin Perl, Nobel Laureate and Mrs. Perl


Visit of the Rector of Belgrade University, Prof. Dr. Branko Kovacevic, to the Nippon and Tokyo Foundations (May 31, 2007)

Rector of the Belgrade University, Prof. Dr. Branko Kovacevic, who is currently visiting Japan, was received by the President of the Nippon Foundation, Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, and the Executive Director of the Tokyo Foundation, Ms. Elen Mashiko.

Rector Kovacevic expressed his gratitude for long standing and fruitful cooperation between the two Foundations and the University of Belgrade. Representatives of the Nippon and Tokyo fondations expressed their readiness to continue to cooperate with Belgrade University, providing scholarships for the best students of the University, inviting Serbian scientists and researchers to participate in the international projects funded by these foundations and to enhance cooperation in all other educational and scientific fields.

H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Rector Prof. dr B. Kovacevic and Mr. N. Tasic
Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, President of Nippon Foundation


Serbian delegation attends the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Conference and the Council of National Representatives meeting in Yokohama, May 26-June 1, 2007

The president of the Association of Medical Workers of Serbia Dr Radmila Nesic and Dr Milunka Lazarevic attended the international conference Nursing at the Forefront and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Conference at the National Convention Hall, Pacifico Convention Center in Yokohama, May 26-June 1, 2007.

Serbia became member of ICN in 2005 and was elected this year to its executive body-the Council of National Representatives.


Ambassador Mrkic and Counsellor Jankovic attend the gathering in honor of Mr. Kenzo Yoneda, on May 21, 2007

H.E. Ambassador Ivan Mrkic and Counsellor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic were invited as guests to the Economic Seminar, organized by the Liberal Democratic Party to support the candidature of Mr. Kenzo Yoneda for the Upper House Election. Mr. Shoichi Nakagawa, Chairman of the Policy Research Council of the LDP gave a lecture, while many distinguished guests attended the gathering, among them Mr. Bunmei Ibuki, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, as well as other representatives of the Japanese Parliament, Government and academic circles.

Mr. Yoneda is an old friend of our country, who currently assumes the position of the President of the Board of the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association. During his previous term as a member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Yoneda was one of the founders of the Parliamentarian League of Friendship between Japan and our country.


Charity fair was held by "Action for Children in Crisis" in Tokyo

On May 20, "Action for Children in Crisis" (ACC) held a charity fair presenting ethnic clothes and goods from Serbia.

This NGO has been very active with humanitarian work in Serbia, especially in Kosovo province, where they visited Serbian enclaves and held several creative workshops for children ("Grandmother’s hand", "Boat in the wind").

They also cooperated with NGO „Hi Neighbour“ from Belgrade, which facilitated organizing several other workshops with orphans and refugees.


Visit by Awaji Shiritsu Higashiura Junior High School students

On May 17, students of "Awaji Shiritsu Higashiura Junior High School" from Hyogo Prefecture visited the Embassy, where they met with Ambassador Mrkić and Ms. Kovač in charge of Culture Affairs. In lively conversation on various topics, students had the opportunity to hear more about Serbian music, sports and cuisine.


Visit by Yagiyama Junior High School students

On May 16, Ambassador Mrkić welcomed students of "Yagiyama Junior High School" from Miyagi Prefecture, who were eager to know more about overall situation in Serbia. They were introduced current political issues, as well as history and cultural heritage of our country.


JICA seminar on revitalization of the mining sector in Serbia to be held in Belgrade

On May 25th 2007, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will hold a seminar in Belgrade on the rehabilitation of the mining industry in the Republic of Serbia. The seminar is supported by the Serbian Government and the Embassy of Japan in Belgrade.

JICA team in Serbia is currently working on the Master Plan for the Promotion of  the Mining Industry in the Republic of Serbia. This is one of the biggest projects funded by JICA which was started in August 2006 and will be finalized by the end of December 2007.


Head of the Cultural Section of the Embassy awarded at Japanese Speech Contest

Ms. Aleksandra Kovač, Deputy for Cultural and Press Section, participated on May 12, at the 10th „Japanese Speech Contest“, organized by Foreign Embassies Friendship Association, with support of MOFA of Japan, Ministry of Education and Culture Agency of Japan. She has been awarded with a special prize of the jury for her speech “My Meeting with Kyudo“.

In the previous years, Mrs. Snežana Janković, then in charge of Cultural Affairs, won the first prize (Award of MOFA of Japan) and Ms. Tijana Zdravković, then Ambassador’s Secretary, won the second place (Award of Ministry of Education).

Ms. Aleksandra Kovac, III secretary


Ambassador’s visit to Printing Museum in Tokyo

On May 10, Ambassador Mrkić with his wife and Ms Kovač, Head of Cultural Section, visited Printing Museum in Tokyo where they were warmly welcomed by Koichi Kabayama, director, Izumi Munemura, Head of Curation and Planning, providing a guide tour through museum’s premises and exhibition halls.

The visit was organized by Hisashi Ueyama, representative of Honorary Consulate General of Serbia and senior managing director of Kincho Company, whose posters are part of ongoing exhibition in Museum.

Director Mr. K. Kabayama, Mr. H. Ueyama, Ms. A. Kovac, H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic, Mrs. I. Mrkic, Ms. E. Takahashi
H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic tries the printing press
H.E. Mr. I. Mrkic and Director K. Kabayama


Prof Dr Milan Ristović visits Tokyo University on invitation by Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro Shiba

On the invitation of Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro Shiba from Komaba Campus of Tokyo University and Secretary General of Japan-Serbia Friendship Association, in the beginning of May Prof. Ristović, from Faculty of Philosophy at University of Belgrade, made an official visit to Tokyo University where he held lectures for postgraduates in the area of historical sciences.


APRIL 2007


Prof Dr. Marko Bumbaširević visits Japan

On April 27th, Prof. Bumbaširević, Head of Traumatology Clinic to the Clinical Center of Serbia, participated at the 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of External Fixation and Lim Lenghtening. For his outstanding lecture as a guest speaker, Prof. Bumbaširević was awarded with Certificate of Appreciation by Dr. Satoshi Toh, President of the Association.

Certificate of Appreciation


Prof. Dr. Jugoslav Vasić visits Japan

Full time professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade University, Prof. Jugoslav Vasić, visited Tokyo University in April where he met with Prof. Dr. Shinichi Shogenji, Dean of Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences at The Faculty of Agriculture and Prof. Dr. Susumu Kumagai from Research Center for Food Safety.

The talks included the possibilities for establishing a cooperation between two universities and its related faculties.

H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Prof. Dr. Jugoslav Vasić, Dean Prof. Dr. Shogenji Shin-ichi and Prof. Dr. Susumu Kumagai


Cardiovascular surgical interventions by Prof. Dr. Shigeru Saito in Belgrade

Prof. Dr. Shigeru Saito of Shounan Hospital, who visited the Embassy on March 16, made fourth visit to the Clinic Center of Serbia in Belgrade where he has treated five patients, demonstrating new surgical technics in the field of cardiology.

Dr. Saito, who made 10.000 interventions of this kind by now, made his appearance together with Dr. Antonio Colombo, world-renowned interventional cardiologist.


Japan Tobacco International started production in Serbia

A factory in northern Serbian town of Senta has started production of Japan Tobacco International brands such as Winston, Camel and Monte Carlo. The opening ceremony for the new Japanese plant was held on April 25, 2007.

JTI is the first company from Japan to invest in Serbia. The company has long term interests in Serbia and plans to strengthen its presence in the region.

JTI has so far invested 45 million USD into the Senta plant. In the next few years the overall figure, including production, sales network and marketing should reach 100 million USD.

The goal is to place their products in the foreign markets, principally those of CEFTA and Western Balkan countries.

Mr. N. Tasic, Mr. I. Kumakura, Executive Deputy President, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Mr. M. Koizumi, Executive Vice-President, Mr. K. Shimayoshi, General Manager, Mr. N. Kato, Tobacco Business Planning Div.


Exhibition of Serbian children’s drawings  in Komaki

"International Kids Art Association" organized an exhibition "From a visit in Serbia to Komaki " in the Civic centre in Komaki city, Aichi prefecture (April 16-25). Some  90 drawings by Serbian and Japanese children  were exhibited.


Visit by Uramachi Junior High School students

On April 18, Ambassador Mrkić welcomed students of "Uramachi Junior High School" from Aomori Prefecture, who visited the Embassy during their study trip to Tokyo. In a friendly atmosphere, Japanese students had the opportunity to learn more about our country, its history and culture.


Nikko Travel Agency promoted their 2007 tour package to Serbia at the Embassy

For the second year in a row, Nikko Travel Agency promoted its new tour package to Serbia in the premises of the Embassy. The program included  Ambassador Mrkić's address to Japanese guests and a presentation of Serbian nature beauties in Japanese by the Third Secretary Ms. Kovač. Japanese guests also had the opportunity to enjoy Serbian wine.


Commemoration in honor of Prof. Kazuo Tanaka

On April 15, a commemoration service was held in Tokyo in honour of  Prof. Kazuo Tanaka, distinguished translator of Serbian literature and  laureate of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, who recently passed away. In the presence of the members of his family, around 200 guests expressed their respect for  Prof. Tanaka and his work. Among those present were former Japanese ambassadors to our country, Honorary Consul General of Serbia to Japan and the representatives of Serbian Embassy.

A condolence message of Foreign Minister Mr. Vuk Draskovic was read and presented to Prof. Tanaka's family. Also, many eminent admirers and friends sent their condolences. Ambassador Mrkić gave a speech honouring Prof. Tanaka and his important contribution in strengthening cultural ties between Serbia and Japan.

The guests were each presented with a copy of Prof. Tanaka's last book „Heart of the Balkans", published after his death.

H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic and Counsellor Mrs. S. Jankovic at commemoration service


Presentation of Serbia on NHK Radio (April 13, 2007)

At the invitation of Radio NHK, Mrs. Snezana Janković, Counsellor, participated in the weekly discussion programme "Buffet 131" about foreign countries.

During the half an hour programme in Japanese, Mrs. Janković talked about bilateral relations between Serbia and Japan, Serbia’s cultural heritage, its economic potentials and tourist attractions.

Counsellor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic


Serbian ambassador took part in the traditional event in Kyoto

At the invitation of the family of Mr. Naohide Ueyama, President of the famous Kincho Company and Honorary Consul General of Serbia to Japan, Ambassador of Serbia H. E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic and his family participated on April 7, 2007 in a traditional annual event in Kyoto, dedicated to the ruler of Japan from the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Ambassador Mrkic was the first ambassador ever to take part in the traditional procession, greeted by more than 48.000 Kyoto citizens, who warmly welcomed the Serbian ambassador.

Mr. Naohide Ueyama, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Serbia
H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic with family and (from right to left) Mr. Naohide Ueyama, Honorary Consul General of Serbia in Osaka and President of Kincho, Mr. Hidesuke Ueyama, Chairman of Kincho, Mr. Hisashi Ueyama, Director of Kicnho and Mr. Kazumasa Kamiya, Secretary of the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association


Ambassador Mrkic meets with the Minister of Defense Mr. Fumio Kyuma

Ambassador of Serbia H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic was received by the Minister of Defense of Japan, H. E. Mr. Fumio Kyuma, on the 4th of April 2007. As Minister Kyuma noticed it, that was the first meeting ever between the first minister of Defense of Japan and the first Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia (after the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro ceased to exist) to Japan. A wide range of issues of mutual interest was discussed, while further contacts and consultations between the ministries of defense of the two countries will follow.

H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic and H.E. Minister of Defense Mr. Fumio Kyuma


Exhibition of Serbian artists in the Fukui City Museum of Arts

The exhibition of works from the collection of Iwano Atelier was held in the Fukui City Museum of Arts, Fukui Prefecture (April 3 - 10). Exhibited were art works produced during years of cooperation between Mr. Heizaburo Iwano, one of the three best known specialists for hand made washi paper in Japan, and the Serbian artists. Every year, at the international art workshops organized by „The Iwano Project" in Serbia, artists create using Iwano's hand made paper. There were around 70 exhibited works, among which 36 of Serbian artists.

At the opening ceremony were present the representatives of the cultural institutions of Fukui Prefecture. The Third Secretary of the Embassy Ms. Kovač gave a speech, read the message of the Ambassador, and gave interviews for the local TV station and newspapers.

Ms. Kovac's speech at the Openning
Ms. Kovac and
Mr. Heizaburo Iwano


MARCH 2007


Representatives of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) visited Japan

The representatives of Serbian National Radio and TV (RTS) visited Japan (March 21 – April 13)  for making a series about the Orthodox church and religion in Japan. They made inteviews with Prof.Yoji Koyama of Niigata University, Prof. Nobuhiro Shiba from Tokyo University, Prof. Michitaka Suzuki from Okayama University and Ms. Yasuko Hamada from Meguro UNESCO Association.


Performance of Serbian pantomime actor in Tokyo

From March 16-18, Han Mime Kobo Theater of pantomime organized a graduation performance of their new members, "Itsuka Kita Michi". Milisav Bankovic, a student from Serbia, also gave a performance.

Detailed information can be found on the following web site (www.hanmime.com), e-mail (info@hanmime.com), phone (03 3993-9418) or fax (03 3993-9559).


Eminent surgeon Dr. Shigeru Saito awarded in the Embassy

Prof. Dr. Shigeru Saito of Shounan Hospital, visited the Embassy on March 16 before his fourth visit to the Clinic Center in Belgrade.

Deeply respected for his donations to Serbian medical institutions and for skilled surgeries of patients with cardiovascular  diseases, Dr. Saito was presented with a special acknowledgement for his contribution by Ambassador Mrkić.

H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic and
Prof Dr. Shigeru Saito


Serbian children awarded seven prizes in the 14th World Children's Picture Competition

At the  award presentation ceremony of "The 14th Annual World Children's Picture Contest" organized by Association "Ie no Hikari", Third Secretary Ms. Kovač received a copy of the gold prize winner's award. Among 46.000 childrens drawings  from 70 countries in the world, Serbian children were awarded with 7 prizes (one gold, 5 silver and 1 memorable).

Details of this year's event can be found on the following web page: http://www.ienohikari.net/zugacon/english/index.html .

Ms. Kovac receives a copy of the gold prize winner's award


Serbian skaters at  ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2007.

Serbian skaters  Mr. Trifun Zivanović and Ms. Ksenija Jastsenjski participated in the ISU World Figure Skating Championships held in Tokyo (March 20-30). More information is available on the official web page of the Championships.


Tourist agency Eurasia promotes its  2007 tours to Serbia

Eurasia tourist agency conducted a  seminar on the Balkan region as a destination (Tokyo, March 21). Third Secretary Ms. Kovač was invited to make a presentation in Japanese on Serbia, its history, cultural heritage, national dishes and tourist attractions.

From April this year, Eurasia will organize two tours which include  Serbia (18 day tour and 13 day tour).


Annual meeting of the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association

In the Embassy's premises, Japan-Serbia Exchange Association held its annual  meeting and a reception for their members. The President of the Association, former ambassador Mr. Takehiro Togo, addressed the gathering, and the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Kenzo Yoneda, proposed a toast. For this occasion, Ambasador Mrkić held a speech and Serbian dishes and wine were served.

H.E. Mr. T. Togo addresses the gathering


Serbian companies exhibit at FOODEX 2007 (March 13-16)

Three Serbian companies exhibited their high quality products at the International Food and Beverage Exhibition "Foodex 2007" at Makuhari Messe: Malina-Produkt (frozen wild fruits), Arex Marzipan (marzipan products) and Voda Voda (natural spring water).

Serbia took part in this big international fair for the third time in a row.

Counsellor Mr. N. Tasic, Mr. Petar Radosavljevic, Quality Manager Malina Product, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Mr. K. Fujiwara, Ms. Snjezana Sredojevic, Executive Manager Malina Product, Ms. R. Mitomo, Mr. T. Arisaka
Mr. Nebojsa Tasic and Ms. Snjezana Sredojevic with interpreter from JETRO


Awarded translator Prof. Kazuo Tanaka dies in Tokyo

On March 9, renowned professor of Slavic languages and literature, translator and connoisseur of Serbian literature and cultural heritage, Prof. Kazuo Tanaka passed away after a long illness. Prof. Tanaka was awarded a high decoration last year by the Serbian government for his merits in translating into Japanese the masterpieces of the Serbian literature.

With his death, our country lost a close and important friend, whose deep knowledge, energy and enthusiasm will greatly be missed.

Prof. Kazuo Tanaka
Former ambassador H.E. Mr. P. Filipov presents the Order of Vuk Karadzic to Mr. K. Tanaka
H.E. Mr. P. Filipov and Mr. K. Tanaka in the company of (from left to right) H.E. Mr. T. Nagai, H.E. Mr. R. Tanabe, H.E. Mr. T. Togo and H.E. Mr. N. Owada


Assistant Minister for International Economic Relations Mr. Velimir Gavrilovic  visits Tokyo (March 6-9, 2007)

Mr. V. Gavrilovic was a guest of the Institute for International Cooperation (IFIC-JICA).  




Lecture on Kosovo held in Tokyo

At the invitation from a  group of NGO’s dealing with humanitarian aid in Serbia,  Counsellor of the Embassy Mrs. Snezana Janković gave a two hour lecture in Japanese on the Serbian province of Kosovo. This event was arranged with the aim to enlighten the Japanese public about the historical roots and current status of the Kosovo issue and the need for humanitarian aid to the Serbian population in the province.

Mrs. Janković also screened movie clips from the documentary "Days of Fear" and material from the Kosovo Coordination Center of the Serbian Government. During discussion period, Dr. Masayuki Iwata, distinguished professor at the International University of Tokyo and honorable member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, also addressed the guests.


Seminar on Investment Promotion in Southeastern Europe and Four Countries of Central Europe (Tokyo, February 26, 2007)

This event was a follow-up of the Economic Forum for the Western Balkans, held in Vienna on October 26, 2006.  The Seminar was hosted by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Midori Matsushima.

Serbia was represented by Mr. Bojan Jankovic, FDI Advisor in the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA).


Annual meeting of the Japan - Serbia Association

Japan - Serbia Association held its annual meeting and a reception for the members of the Association on February 23, 2007. The President of the Association, Prof. Dr. Shosaku Tokunaga, addressed the gathering.

On this occasion, Counsellor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic congratulated the Association on its activities and achievements over the past fifty years of its existence.


Success of Serbian tennis players at Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament

Well known Serbian tennis seeds Ms. Ana Ivanović and Ms. Jelena Janković participated in the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament in Tokyo. Ana Ivanović won second place.


National Day of the Republic of Serbia celebrated in the Embassy

For the first time in the history of diplomatic relations between Japan and Serbia, established after World War II, Serbia celebrated its National day in Japan on February 15. Some four hundred distinguished guests from Japanese political, business and cultural circles, foreign diplomatic missions and Serbian expatriate community were present at the Embassy reception. 

The guests enjoyed Serbian music, national dishes, wines and spirits.

Press articles


H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, President of the Japan - Serbia Parliamentarian League of Friendship and Mrs. I. Mrkic
Mrs. I. Mrkic, Mr. Hiromichi Watanabe, Senior Vice-minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic
Mr. Takehiro Togo, President of the Japan - Serbia Exchange Association, Mrs. I. Mrkic, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Mrs. Togo

Mrs. I. Mrkic, H.E. Mr. Ivan Mrkic, Mr. Yasushi Akashi





Serbia participates at high level in the JICA seminar on  health care in Japan

At the seminar, held in the end of January, Serbia was represented by the State Secretary for Health Mrs. Nevenka Karanovic.


Exhibition "Kako je bilo u Srbiji (How was it in Serbia?)"

"Japan - Yugo Art Project" and Toki Art Space Gallery in Tokyo organized the exhibition „How was it in Serbia?", which was a follow-up to last year's project that took place in Belgrade. The works of art were New Year greeting cards made by a group of Japanese artists which were previously exhibited at the Student Cultural Center Gallery in Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

"How was it in Serbia?"



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Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, 4-7-24 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
tel. +81 (3) 3447-3571, fax +81 (3) 3447-3573
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