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Underground, the screening of the movie

The screening of the movie "Underground", made by famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica, is being held in the "Theater - N" in Shibuya, from September 24 to October 21. (Screening times: 13:20, 16:40 and 20:00).





Embassy of the Republic of Serbia participated at the fourth OI Festa

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia participated at the fourth OI Festa "Shinagawa International Exchange Festa" held on 28 August 2011 in the vicinity of the Oimachi station.

OI Festa was organized and supported by Shinagawa municipality, Shinagawa Kanko Association and Shinagawa-ku International Friendship Association. The Embassy of Serbia participated for the first time at this celebration and had the opportunity to present to the Japanese public beautiful landscapes of Serbia, traditional Serbian arts, as well as characteristic national food products.

All visitors, along with representatives of other embassies located in Shinagawa municipality, enjoyed friendly and festive atmosphere during Oi Festa.


MAY 2011


Ambassador Mrkic and First Counsellor Jankovic end their diplomatic missions in Japan

On May 15, upon completing his mission to Japan, Ambassador Ivan Mrkic has returned to Serbia.

On May 14, First Counsellor Mrs. Snezana Jankovic has also finished her term and returned to Serbia.

Before leaving, both of them expressed their deep satisfaction for having served in this beautiful country with its great nation.


Ambassador Mrkic, First Counsellor Ms. Jankovic and Third Secretary Ms. Kovac enjoy farewell dinner with Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, President of Parliamentary League Japan-Serbia, Mr. Takehiro Togo, President of Japan-Serbia Association, Mr. Kenzo Yoneda, acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, and other members of the Association



MARCH 2011


Donations of Government and people of Serbia to earthquake and tsunamis affected areas in Japan

Following devastating Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake and tsunamis, that took lives of thousands and left milions people in need with grave consequences to the regions of Tohoku and Kanto, the Government of the Republic of Serbia as well as countless associations of Serbian citizens offered donations totaling more than two million dollars through the Red Cross of Serbia. This was also accompanied by numerous humanitarian actions and initiatives in Serbia as a support for Japan, undertaken by Serbian people, various non-governmental groups, private companies and local institutions.

The Serbian leadership, headed by President Mr. Boris Tadic, also sent the letters of condolences to the Japanese nation and its Government.

On March 16-18, President Tadic and Prime Minister Mr. Mirko Cvetkovic, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bozidar Djelic and Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic signed the condolence book displayed at the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Serbia.


President Tadic and Prime Minister Cvetkovic sign the Book of Condolences in the Embassy of Japan


The Official Visit of Serbian President, H.E. Mr. Boris Tadić, to Japan

Mr. Boris Tadić, President of the Republic of Serbia, paid an official visit from March 7th- 10th. It was the very first visit of Serbian Head of State to Japan. The course and the results of the visit reflected increased dynamics on the strengthening of ties and relationship between Serbia and Japan.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Naoto Kan, and President Mr. Boris Tadić signed a Joint Comminique, the content of which reflects strong partnership between two countries and common projects and positions in the political and economic field.

The succesful visit of President Tadić represents a cornerstone in bilateral relations so far and a basis for a number of future joint actions.

The visit has been realized on the eve of marking of 130 years of the establishment of interstate relationship between Serbia and Japan.


President Tadic and Prime Minister Kan sign the Joint Statement

Delegation, headed by President Tadic, meets with leader of Japan, Mr. Naoto Kan and his associates


Audience with His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace


Ambassador Mrkic announces the President Tadic at the beginning of reception
President Tadic addresses the guests at the Reception in the Embassy


With Mr. Yasushi Akashi at the Reception
With Ms. Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama, and Mr.&Mrs. Masataka Ota, Member of the City Parliament of Yokohama


With Ms. Tomiko Okazaki, Member of House of Councillors
President Tadic and Reception hosts, Ambassador Mrkic and his wife, with Nagoya Grampus Team Manager Mr. Dragan Stojkovic Piksi and his wife


With Mr. Ichiro Aisawa, President of Parliamentary League Japan-Serbia
With Honorary Consul General Mr. Naohide Ueyama, his associates Mr. Hisashi Ueyama from "Kincho" and Mr. President of "Toyo Sekan", and Third Secretary Ms. Aleksandra Kovac


Meeting with JICA President Ms. Sadako Ogata

Meeting with Mr. Takahiro Yokomichi, Speaker of the House of Representatives


President Tadic gives the speech at the Business Forum for Japanese investors and companies in the Embassy
President Tadic and the delegation attending the dinner hosted by the representative of the Government of Japan for Kansai Region, Ambassador Ryichi Tanabe and Present Ambassador Mr. Toshio Tsunozaki at the Official Guests House in Kyoto





Tourism Presentation on Serbia held in Tokyo, February 22

Tokyo based agency "World Air-Sea Service Co.", a member of associations of tourism agents in Japan and abroad (JATA, IATA), held a presentation of their new 12 day tour in the Balkan region, which includes visits of Japanese tourists to Serbia, Macedonia and Albania.

Third Secretary Ms. Aleksandra Kovac was invited to introduce Serbian cultural heritage, traditions and tourism attractions in Japanese language. Having in mind that the tour also covers the visits to the monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo province, a special accent was given to this part of Serbian history.


Lecture on Serbian music scene at our Embassy, February 18

Japanese company "Bene", together with our Embassy, hosted two lectures about vocal and piano practices in Serbia by Ms. Milica Sekulic, a pianist, and Ms. Tijana Djuricic, a soprano. The guests from Serbia visited a Japan for the first time.

Third Secretary Ms. Aleksandra Kovac and "Bene Company" representative Mr. Haruyuki Suzuki greeted the audience, among which were members of Japan-Serbia Association, former Ambassador to Serbia Ms. Nobuyuki Owada and many artists and music experts collaborating with Serbia.

Ms. Sekulic and Ms. Djuricic were also joined by Mr. Djuro Zivkovic, composer, and Mr. Jovan Bogosavljevic, violinist. The four artists held a concert dedicated to Serbia in "Oizumi-Gakuen Yumeria Hall" in Tokyo, perfoming some of the works of Serbian and other composers. Mr. Zivkovic was also invited to give a lecture about contemporary music and his work in the Music Institute JML.


Lecture by Japanese Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Mr. Tsunozaki, at our Embassy

H.E. Mr. Toshio Tsunozaki, Ambassador of Japan to Belgrade, has given a lecture on Serbia. The meeting was organized under the auspices of Japan-Serbia Association and was primarily intended for its members and other interested participants from media, business and academic circles.

Ambassador Tsunozaki has made a comprehensive review of many aspects of Serbian history, political past and present, economic situation, geographical characteristics and cultural treasures and specifics.

The audience had a pleasure to enjoy the refined remarks and conclusions of an outstanding expert on Serbia.


General Meeting of the International Ladies' Benevolent Society (ILBS), February 1

For the second time, our Embassy welcomed the International Ladies' Benevolent Society's General meeting.

Wife of the Ambassador Mrs. Ivona Mrkic warmly greeted distinguished ILBS member fellows, one of which was the mother of Princess Takamado. Third Secretary Ms. Kovac invited ILBS to support the humanitarian action of "Darjasan no Kai" group, aimed to help the fundraising needed to save a life of gravely ill Serbian national Ms. Darja Kostic.

The ILBS members are also active in support of volunteer work of NGO "Actions for Children in Crisis", which assists ethnic and refugee groups in need, largely elderly and children, in Serbia and especially Kosovo province.





Serbian Charity Bazaar and Serbian Night held in Tokyo, January 24-February 27

Serbia Cultural Exchange Association (www.japan-serbia.org), supported by the Embassy of Serbia in Japan and the company "Adria International Co. Ltd.", hosted another Serbian Charity Fair in Tokyo.

The visitors were able to buy products ranging from best quality Serbian wines, spirits, to some home made fruit preserves and pickles.

On February 27, Serbian Night was organized for the third time, aiming to bring closer Japanese and Serbian community in a friendly and hospitable atmosphere.


Visit of representatives of Serbian Institute of Contemporary History and Meiji University to our Embassy, January 13

On the occasion of the opening of International Symposium on Balkan wars and First World war at the Meiji University in Tokyo, Serbian participants - Director of Institute of Contemporary History Dr Momcilo Pavlovic and Prof. Predrag J. Markovic – paid a visit to our Embassy accompanied by Prof. Tetsuya Sahara of Meiji University and his associate Mr. Yoshinori Hanonoi.

Professors informed us about their recent joint activities and future plans for strenghtening scientific relations between Meiji University and institutes and universities in Serbia, like the one with the University of Belgrade.

Ms. Aleksandra Kovac, Charge d'Affaires a.i., greeted their efforts in enchancing the expert ties of Serbia and Meiji University and informed the guests about the current situation in the area of academic and student cooperation between our two countries.



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